Spread the Joy of Christmas and Hanukkah Around the World


Spread the Joy of Christmas and Hanukkah Around the World

Holiday cheer has long been considered a important part of the American holiday tradition. A holiday is usually a day set apart by government or custom where public activities, particularly work or school including church, are either reduced or suspended. In general, public holidays are marked to let people celebrate or commemorate an occasion or a tradition of particular religious or cultural importance. The term “holidays” can also apply to all seasons, days, and dates of the year. It could even apply to time zones between local times.

Holidays provide a way for people to enjoy the special occasions and festivities of the coming year without stressing over bills and financial obligations. People can also take advantage of public holidays and celebrations to get out of the house and enjoy the atmosphere. But not everyone celebrates holidays the same way. Some of the most popular holidays in the United States are Christmas and Hanukkah, the two biggest religious observances of the world.

The first holiday mentioned is of course Christmas, the traditional time away from home and the family before Christmas break. Most Americans celebrate Christmas as it is celebrated in their own communities or in a small town in their state. Some people prefer to go ahead and break the fast on December 24th, a date which is seen as very auspicious by Christians, and so decide to celebrate a religious holiday rather than a public holiday.

The second most popular holiday in the United States, according to some studies, is Hanukkah, which is the Jewish celebration of the golden age that began during the last centuries before Christ. Both holidays are of significance to Jews, with Christmas celebrated for its theme of giving while Hanukkah celebrates God’s promise to save the world. Both holidays require preparation, as well as fasting and special meals. Most Americans do not observe both of them on the same day because of its significance to the Jews and Muslims, who do not believe in acting upon what another does not believe in. They thus choose to have separate holidays, with Christmas being a regular and main holiday and Hanukkah being a special one, chosen only for the purpose of fasting and special meal.

Many people also use both of these holidays to celebrate birthdays. It should be noted, though, that if you decide to use both of these for your next holiday, you need to learn how to write a template message for each of them, which will be used in all of your communications regarding the holiday. This is of extreme importance, because you will be spreading the love of Christ throughout the world. Each of these wonderful and memorable traditions requires very specific actions to take each year, and the easiest way to do this is to use a template for a traditional holiday greeting. You can also use these templates to plan all of your normal activities for the special day.

Because of the etymology of the word “holi”, which means “the holy” or “harmonious”, it is not surprising that many of the traditions associated with the Hindu and Muslim religions result in religious Holidays throughout the world. One can easily translate such celebrations from their own language back into English by taking the word “holi” and modifying it to fit the celebration you are trying to organize. The word “Happy Holidays” is just one example of an appropriate modification, as is “Seasons Greetings” or “Words of Wisdom”. If you know the etymology of any of these words, you could also use them to help make your own personalized Holidays message; just be sure that you keep your template messages as close to the original form of the tradition as possible.

Taking Time Off From Work – Vacation Is The Best Way To Break Away From The grind


Taking Time Off From Work – Vacation Is The Best Way To Break Away From The grind

A vacation, is a period of absence from a scheduled work, or even a specific travel or vacation, usually for the sole purpose of leisure or recreation. Often, people also take a vacation for special holidays or festivals, or during certain holiday observances. Vacations are generally spent by friends or relatives, often at quite some expense. The word “vacation” came into existence to evoke pictures of sunshine and beaches. But nowadays, when people want to relax and rejuvenate, they go for vacations.

You can book a vacation package for yourself, which will provide all your requirements like air tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals etc. at a fixed price. Normally vacation packages are available on year around basis. On an annual basis, people can opt for holiday packages which include airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals etc. They can select holidays according to their preferences. Some of the best places for holidays include skiing destinations, surfing destinations, horse riding holidays, scuba diving holidays, beach destinations, and many more.

If you wish to have a good break away from the hectic city life, then try considering going for a vacation in Florida. Florida is considered as one of the world’s top holiday destination and offers you all types of fun and entertainment. It says holiday in the dictionary, and when the word holiday is used, most of the people think of Florida.

People who take time off to holiday prefer taking time for getting revitalized in a foreign land. They go for vacations that offer them relaxation, and rejuvenation. Some of the popular and best places for vacations include places like Hawaii and Florida. These places provide tourists with a chance to relax and enjoy. Vacationers can also go for exploring the history and culture of the place they are staying.

When we say vacation in the dictionary, it doesn’t mean going out of town every weekend. It simply means getting a little time off from work. Most of the times it is only a few days or a few weeks. However, if a person wants to take time off to really enjoy his holiday, then a trip to Australia is what he should opt for. There are plenty of things to do in Australia including beaches, water sports, museums, parks, shops, adventure and shopping.

The word vacation actually comes from the Latin word ‘vacationus’ which was taken from ‘Vacatione’. In these days, vacations are not only taken by the rich and famous. Vacations are taken by all section of people belonging to every strata of the society. On an average, working class families are looking forward to their vacations each year. So, plan a vacation now and explore Australia and its vast untapped tourist spots.

What To Do On Holidays In December


What To Do On Holidays In December

Holidays are special occasions set apart by tradition or by government regulation where normal daily activities, particularly work or school including church, are stopped or reduced. In general, such holidays are meant to let people to celebrate or mark an occasion or tradition of spiritual or cultural importance to them. The days and events related to the holiday follow certain patterns. They often differ from place to place. For example, in the US, Christmas is celebrated for three days followed by New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Christmas Day. Some countries celebrate it differently, with different days for different events.

Holidays are special in the sense that they remind us of things past and are associated with special moments and good feelings. People look forward to the next holiday because they want to spend time with family and friends. This year, I would like to teach you how to prepare for a family and friends holiday so that you (or your loved ones) can have a great holiday season and get the best returns for your efforts. Let me share with you some simple steps that you can follow:

You should note that the name “holidays” may now sound foreign to you. Holiday, as we know it, is an English word that defines a series of days set apart for enjoyment or relaxation by the people. It can also refer to the period that precedes the holiday. In general, the holidays vary from one country to another, but in general they are associated with happy and joyous occasions, such as Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Mother’s Day.

In order to make this approach easier to understand, let us take a look at a sample template which can be used to plan holidays (or any other event for that matter):

The holidays which occur during the month of December are known as the Christmas holidays. Most people call them Christmas holidays because they are usually related to that holiday. The word “Christmas” may sound foreign to you but the December holidays are actually named after the Christian season which usually falls between September and December and is considered to be the longest festive season in the world. During the Christmas season, lots of special events (such as Christmas concerts and parades) are organized as well as different types of food. All these add to make the December holidays enjoyable for everybody. Now let’s see what you need to do on the actual day of the Christmas holidays:

When planning your December holidays, make sure that you plan everything in advance. This means that you should do a lot of research on the specific places where you will want to go and how long you will stay. Decide whether you want to spend time in the city or perhaps travel to another country. Plan your meals and drinks as well as deciding when you will eat. Remember, the holidays on the coast are particularly fun because the weather is fantastic!

Vacation Days Off With Paid Time Off

A vacation, is simply a leave of absent from a normal job, or just a specific trip or travel, usually for the sake of recreation or vacation. Often, people spend a vacation together with family or friends. The term “vacation” comes from the word vasis which means rest or relaxation. The common practice of camping and travel has long given way to vacations, especially when it is vacation time. Although a vacation for many may seem like a holiday, a vacation is actually a short break from work, and then work some more.


Many employers offer vacation time off or paid vacation time off as an incentive to employees. This not only allows employees to relax during the time off, but it also gives employers an opportunity to evaluate and re-evaluate their employees on their job performance. An employer can also show appreciation to an employee by providing paid vacation time off or reimbursing expenses related to a family vacation.

Some employers also encourage and even require employees to take vacation time off. This encourages employees to use vacation time to relax instead of dreading the daily grind. Because the time off provides an opportunity for employees to relax, they are more likely to be motivated to do their best at work once they are able to relax. Some employers may also provide employees financial incentives for utilizing vacation time and for using a particular employee’s benefits to pay for vacation home rental expenses.

Vacations for most employees may be used to catch up on past events such as graduations, birthdays, weddings or other personal celebrations. The purpose behind these vacations is to spend time with family and friends. However, some employers offer vacations that are more expensive and will take longer than others. The cost of a family vacation will be determined by each employee’s availability, as well as the length of the planned vacation and if the employee requests extended leave during the planning process. It is often required that an employee take an entire 12 weeks of unpaid time off before beginning a family vacation.

Employers may take vacation time away from the business to cover an illness or to go on an extended vacation. Employees may be asked to take offs from work for vacation. The amount of time off may be one week or more than a month. When an employee requests extended vacation, a supervisor should consider the health issues of the employee and any other related factors before extending vacation time.

To find out more about vacations and paid time off in the United States (US), contact a travel association expert. Contact a travel association expert in your area or online. The US Department of Labor’s Office of Worker’s Compensation Services provides a list of qualified professional travel associations. You may also contact a union official or an organization representing employees in your area. You can choose among several travel associations in the US.

How to Define Travel


How to Define Travel

Travel is the movement of individuals between various, often remote geographical locations. Travel can take place by foot, car, bike, plane, train, bus or any other mode of transport, with or without baggage, and may be one way to a place of destination or multiple ways to get there. A common type of travel is recreational travel; this may take the form of visiting friends and family, exploring a new region, or venturing into a new culture for a few days or an extended stay. Cultural travel encompasses traveling to or about a country for the purposes of understanding and appreciating the way life is lived there, as well as for tourism purposes.

Many different types of travel use different means of transport to get from one point to another. There are road trips, which are essentially a solitary journey within a system of interconnected routes, such as from London to Paris or Amsterdam to Berlin. Another form of travel is via water, either by land, sea or air. For those who prefer traveling by land, many routes exist around the world, or can even be undertaken through several countries, in order to cover the most destinations in the least time, for the greatest enjoyment.

Those who prefer a different style of travelling would be better served by choosing a combination of land, water or air travelling. One type of trip that combines these three modes of transport and has increased in popularity over recent years is what is known as a’traveller’s odyssey’. Travellers choose a destination, then decide on a series of destinations that they would like to visit in succession. They select a starting point and map out a series of destinations in that direction. These travellers then make one stop at each location, usually at a hotel or another accommodation where they will be offered a warm shower, hot meals and comfortable beds to rest in until their next journey, or whichever may follow.

For many people, a journey of this type tends to feel very much like taking a vacation, except they are making it into an extended vacation, in a sense. However, for other people, it may feel like reliving one place in time. This type of travel is also commonly known as ‘destination tourism’, since the traveller’s experience often revolves around one place in a series, rather than around multiple destinations. One place, however, is invariably more memorable than another – at least in the mind of the traveler.

There are many benefits associated with travelling by way of a road. First of all, travelling by road provides a great deal of flexibility. A person can plan a trip where they stop where they want, when they want, in a planned fashion that allows them to include as many stops as desired without having to plan everything out ahead of time. Also, driving on the road provides a great sense of freedom. Once in a location, the driver has complete control of how long one stops at each place, which means that long stretches of road that seem to go on forever can be gone in a blink of an eye, and travellers can continue driving as far as they wish.

The process of planning a trip is not only fun and interesting, but can also be quite complicated. Planning a trip on the road can involve lots of driving and back tracking, making it difficult to simply define travel in terms of destinations. In a similar way, a trip abroad can also be quite complicated, especially if the trip involves crossing various borders and countries. Both these examples make it important for those who are travelling abroad to have a basic understanding of travel so that they can have an easier time with the whole process. Understanding travel in this broad sense means that the process of actually travelling itself will become simpler, and planning will become less daunting.

Warm Showers, Warm Reminders, and Excellent Hospitality Exchange Services Are Just Some of the Reasons Why People Travel

Travel is the habitual movement of individuals between distant geographic locations. Travel can be undertaken by foot, bike, car, plane, train, bus or other means and is one way or round trip, usually on a predetermined itinerary. A large number of modern modes of transportation are available and travel can take several forms, from air travel to land transport. It can also incorporate other modes like walking, cycling and taking recreational vehicles for a fun ride.


The number of places that people love to travel to is limitless and varies from one person to another. The most common reason why people love to travel is because they find it an enjoyable and memorable experience. The journey brings about a feeling of delight in a person as he gets to see new places and relish the memories of the old places. There is also the thrill of traveling that makes people look forward to an exciting travel experience. One of the major reasons why people love to travel is because they want to have an opportunity to discover a new culture and visit exotic destinations.

Another reason why people love to travel is because they enjoy adventure. Adventure travel is also popular and includes trekking, scuba diving, camping, rock climbing, paragliding, skiing, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, surfing, tennis, golf and many other adventure sports. These sports provide an opportunity to test one’s athletic prowess and improve their physical fitness. Some of the other adventure sports include bungee jumping, free falling, sky diving, hang gliding, parachuting, mountaineering, paragliding, scuba diving, rafting, tennis, golf and many more. Sport tourism is a significant contributor to the growth of global tourism.

A trip to a foreign country opens up the mind for cultural exchange and teaches us about another place. Another reason why people travel is because it gives them an opportunity to experience new life styles and customs. Another important reason why people travel is to find the lost love in another place. When you go abroad for tourism, you can have an opportunity to find your soul mate. Some of the most common types of relationships that are formed while on a holiday are with other families, lovers and friends.

A perfect holidaying destination can provide a mix of adventure, culture and scenic beauty. Hotels in distant geographical locations are known to provide excellent hospitality exchange services. Travelling is made easy with the availability of modern amenities such as restaurant car service, warm showers, housekeeping and laundry service. You can make your stay even more comfortable by availing the services of travel desk services, room service, telephones, internet, etc.

In today’s fast paced world, it is very difficult for an individual to devote much time for travelling. However, a good holiday package can help you have quality time with family and friends while also making the most of the tourism industry in distant geographical areas. The popularity of tourism has increased tremendously in recent years. Many people now prefer a trip to a foreign land over spending a weekend in a resort city.

How Much Do Holidays Cost in the UK?


How Much Do Holidays Cost in the UK?

A holiday is a day allotted by law or custom where public activities, particularly work or business including school, are either suspended or completely reduced. In general, public holidays are held to let people to celebrate or commemorate something of societal or historical importance. Holidays have become so common that it is now possible to book hotels, restaurants and even resorts for the whole duration of a holiday. Some popular public holidays in the US include Christmas, New Year’s, Good Friday, Independence Day, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve. There are also other national holidays, such as Veterans Day, Flag Day, and National Volunteer Week.

When it comes to British English, the traditional British English breakfast contains three portions: bacon, eggs and toast. Some sections of the UK go even further, with special dishes like “jolly jape” or “pudding”. Eggs are traditionally served alongside bacon, but many will have egg-less omelets instead, sometimes with toast too. A tip to the British English cook is to always use butter for cooking, as it melts very well, and will not stick to the pan. Other things to watch out for when preparing a British English breakfast are the amount and thickness of cream in the pudding and the topping.

American holidays follow a more laid back style. There are no huge parties or fireworks, though outdoor activities such as barbecues are widely celebrated. The main American holiday is Thanksgiving, which falls on the first Wednesday of the November calendar. Unlike in the UK where it is an entire week, Thanksgiving in the United States is divided into three phases. First, the Thanksgiving dinner is normally served at a family house or table; Thanksgiving feasts are eaten at friends’ homes or their work place; and children’s parties are held before heading off to school. Each of these phases has its own customs.

Both holidays have plenty of food to enjoy: turkey and ham are standard fare; fresh cranberry sauce is a must have, especially if you have made your own ham. You might enjoy baking your own pumpkin pie, too. Americans tend to be healthier eaters than people in Britain. Meals are generally less fatty and less salt. Americans spend a lot of their holidays in front of the television, and if you are one of them, you might enjoy watching programmes from all over the world rather than the local programmes. British holidays are a lot more relaxed, with people enjoying time spent relaxing in their gardens and getting some exercise.

An average British holiday tends to be relatively short – usually from three days to five days. There is usually one major public holiday, which is usually on a Saturday, and two religious or social holidays, which are usually on a Wednesday and a Sunday. In between these there are usually a few smaller public holidays, each with its own story to tell.

Holidays vary across the UK according to whether it is a public holiday or a private one. Public holidays include everything from Christmas to New Year’s, and tend to be very crowded. Private holidays are usually less crowded and more quiet, with fewer people visiting at any one time. If you are on a fixed pay rate, your annual salary will usually more than cover your holiday costs, but if you are lucky enough to work for an employer who puts you on a part-time basis instead, your holiday money can go a long way towards paying for your trip.

Holiday traditions Around The World


Holiday traditions Around The World

A holiday is basically a day set apart by law or custom where normal daily activities, particularly work or business including education, are either suspended or limited. In general, such holidays are meant to let people to commemorate or celebrate an occasion or even religious or cultural value. Holidays differ according to culture and region, but the most common ones include Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Easter, as well as the major national holidays of the USA. Some European countries also have their own national holidays; however, many of these are very similar to the major holidays celebrated in the United States.

In the United States, major holidays are observed during Christmas and New Year’s Day, while minor religious holidays are observed throughout the year, including Good Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and a few others. Holidays are traditionally associated with different traditions or customs associated with a particular faith, nationality or culture. Some holidays have special meaning for the people who celebrate them. For example, people who mark anniversaries or special events such as weddings, birthdays or retirement with parties and barbecues often enjoy holiday celebrations.

The major religious holidays in the US are Christmas (which is currently celebrated around the globe on Christmas Day), New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Pearl Harbor’s anniversary, and Valentine’s Day. The majority of people celebrate at least one of these four, although some may choose to wait till a new year begins so they can obtain a free gift. Some people choose to skip one or more of the religious holidays in order to avoid creating conflict with other communities, schools and coworkers. For example, some employers do not celebrate Thanksgiving because they feel it disrupts their sales, while others refrain from observing Spring break because they want to avoid causing offense to other students, faculty or teachers. However, most schools, churches and businesses observe all religious holidays, especially during the spring break and the summer months.

Many companies and churches choose to observe a holiday on only one of the four major holidays so that they can keep their business running efficiently without having to worry about upsetting the others. For instance, many hotels choose to keep Easter Sunday separate from Christmas so that they can keep their rooms occupied as much as possible. Since Easter is a religious holiday, many employees will not think less of the hotel if they are forced to miss it. Holidays are especially popular among students because they feel free to visit their home church on any given day without having to worry about offending anyone.

Many US cities are famous for their beaches and therefore an important holiday for many Americans is their holiday in seaside cities like New York, Miami, or San Diego. This type of holiday is very popular worldwide and many Americans head to these beach destinations in the warmer months just to relax and have fun. Many tourists prefer the religious element of a trip to a holiday destination such as a religious pilgrimage to a historic site like Stonehenge, which is open to the public. Some of these religious holidays may even extend into September, making this peak season for vacation travel.

Every country celebrates a different holiday, but most all of them observe certain days each year when they are particularly sacred for their people. Since many of these holidays mark important religious events like Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July, many Americans choose to observe these holidays on the opposite side of the year. Although some countries do not celebrate all of the holidays that Americans do, a holiday may be observed as a “slip” instead of waiting for a national holiday to arrive. In addition to this, many states have created laws that give municipalities additional time during the fall months to have observances. Many cities also have become more creative with holiday menus and decorations, which make observances even more popular. When the holidays begin to fade away, a new year begins and new heights of excitement for American holiday celebrations begin to flourish once again.

Caribbean Yacht Charters – The Benefits of Taking Time Off From Work


Caribbean Yacht Charters – The Benefits of Taking Time Off From Work

A vacation, is a period of time when one leaves his/her work and other responsibilities behind to enjoy some relaxation and entertainment. Sometimes, people also take a vacation for special occasions or on special vacation observances. Vacations are generally spent by friends or families. The term “vacation” covers any holiday experience outside of the traditional vacation time frame. This leaves the traveler with no fixed date and no specific place to stay.

There are a wide range of destinations to choose from for vacations. For example, you can go on a two-week vacation in the States to see friends and family, go on a fishing trip, take a sail in a ship, or even rent an apartment for your own personal getaway. Vacationing in the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Hawaii and other tropical countries is a popular choice among Americans who go on extended vacations. You can also go on a European vacation, a visit to Australia, a visit to South Africa, and numerous other destinations. These destinations are all popular because of their beaches, their climate, their attractions and many other reasons.

When planning your next vacation or trip, it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. If you are traveling with children, then you may want to consider a family vacation where all of the members are able to stay in the same room. Many families go on multiple vacations per year to keep everyone happy and to cut down on the costs associated with vacations. Planning your vacation ahead of time can help you avoid unnecessary trips to the airport and can reduce the amount of out-of-town travel while on vacation.

Vacation planning can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be. There are numerous ways that you can plan your vacation. For example, if you are traveling with a large group, then you may want to book several months in advance so that there are fewer problems, including last minute hotel reservations or plane changes, among the group. Many times you can find cheaper rates for all of your vacation needs by booking your vacation ahead of time rather than trying to make last minute plans.

One of the most common benefits that people enjoy taking time off from work is mental health benefits. A lot of the time when people take off from work they are trying to get away from their personal issues, like work stress, politics, family conflicts etc. By taking time off of work, you are able to get more accomplished during your day which gives you better mental health results. This is why it is often good idea to take time off of work when you have major life changes such as a marriage or another big life change. A mental health benefit of vacationing on a Caribbean vacation is that you get to enjoy the sights, sounds, and great weather while still being able to take advantage of the mental health benefits.

Another benefit that many people enjoy about vacations is that you have the ability to escape for a few days and experience a different culture. During your vacation you get to visit exciting places around the world that you might not get to experience if you were back at your normal life. It is also important to remember that you will return to your normal life after your vacation, but you will definitely have a blast doing so. Vacationing on your yacht will provide you with everything that you need to enjoy your holidays to the fullest!

TSA’s Mandatory 10-Day Smell Testing Program


TSA’s Mandatory 10-Day Smell Testing Program

Travel is the general movement of individuals between various distant geographical locations. Travel can be performed by feet, bike, car, train, plane, bus, boat or another mode, with or without personal luggage, and is one-way or round trip traveling. The classic example of travel is probably the first trip to New York City. At New York City, one can enjoy spectacular sights such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. However, a more modern example of travel can be found in the fast paced world that exists today, where people literally move from one location to another in the blink of an eye.

Today, international travelers often experience the phenomenon of “party city,” where people literally party the night away until dawn, while flying from one airport to another. It has been estimated that more than seven million overnight travelers leave the United States to go to other countries in the form of extended-stay motels, hotels, inns, or even hostels. However, the practice of overnight traveling has begun to decrease because of stricter screening at airports, increased travel restrictions, and the need for travelers to have a valid photo ID when passing through a border crossing. In order to reduce the possibility of having an accident while traveling overnight, the use of self-quarantine centers has been introduced in the United States, which are similar to those used in countries like Australia and Japan.

The term “self quarantine” refers to the procedure in which passengers who have arrived at an airport in a new country, but who have not yet undergone proper quarantine following the completion of their flight have been asked to sign a waiver of responsibility before leaving the airport. Such a waiver requires the traveler to abstain from consuming food, drink, smoke, or touch any object that had come into contact with a carrier of contagious diseases. Furthermore, all travelers must follow the same quarantine rules that apply to passengers arriving at any other airport. This means that they are required to have a clean gown and not share any personal items with anyone except for licensed medical personnel.

If you do decide to drive to another destination after having spent a week in self-quarantine, you may be subject to additional screening at your next point of entry. Before getting on the plane, you should consult a public health officer at the nearest airport so that he or she can advise you on whether or not you will need to stay home to get tested for serious diseases. Most people who go on vacation prefer to remain home, but they should realize that the risk of contracting a deadly disease while on vacation is greater than if they were traveling without the proper precautions. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that they seek out medical attention within ten days of the date of their departure if they plan to stay at home.

If you have already undergone quarantining at the airport, it is best to report to the nearest airport police station. If you are leaving the country, there are customs officers at all airports who will be able to help you. They will ask you to fill out a form that will grant them permission to search your luggage for any missing or uncollected items. The same procedure will apply to travelers who are departing from other countries. These customs officers will also ask you to fill out a form that grants them permission to administer a series of physical examinations and blood tests upon arrival. A copy of this document is needed by officials in America, Canada, Great Britain and Australia to cross-examine travelers who are entering or leaving the country.

The purpose of these tests is to determine if a traveler has been exposed to a deadly or contagious disease. However, these tests will not rule out normal symptoms such as the flu or cold. If a traveler develops a cough or sore throat after coming into contact with a person who has had a recent flu outbreak, that person should not be assumed to have contracted the flu unless medical treatment is administered. On the other hand, if a traveler develops a sore or cough that does not improve over a ten-day period, that person can be assumed to have a mild case of the flu and be infectious if exposed to others. If travelers do develop symptoms after coming into contact with someone who has a known case of the flu, they should report it immediately so that they can receive treatment before traveling on to another destination. For those passengers who fail to show up for their scheduled trip, their options include: waiting a minimum of two full business days to rebook; exchanging the ticket for another flight; contacting a trusted friend or companion who will travel with them; or reporting to local law enforcement authorities.