Common Types of Traveling

Travel is the temporary movement of individuals between different, usually remote geographical locations. Travel can also be performed by automobile, foot, car, bicycle, plane, train, bus, boat or other modes, with or without additional luggage, and is usually one way to get around or from a point to point. One can organize travel in many ways. It could be for a single day, overnight or longer duration of time, just for a couple of days or for weeks or months.

Let us try to define travel as any movement that involves temporary destination. This definition includes moving from one place to another but does not necessarily mean the movement between places. Moving from here to there, or from one country to another is called migration. A common example of this is when an individual moves from Canada to the US. Moving from Pakistan to the UK or from Spain to the Latin America is considered as domestic movement.

Now let us look at the common types of travel meaning. If an individual lives in a small village in Kenya, he or she may be travelling to a city in Tanzania or Uganda. Moving from the US to a city in Mexico or Brazil is known as international travel. A man going to India for a weekend may be called back home by an Indian family or friends. He may be travelling within a single country or across many countries.

The common type of travel that we have mentioned above takes place between two or more places. However, there are other types of travel too. Let us look at some of them. There could be people travelling to different places within a single country, like in the case of an American who is travelling to Canada. Or there could be men travelling from Portugal to Brazil or an African who is travelling to India.

All these types of travels have a common theme. They aim to let us look at the important aspects of our lives. An American who is travelling to Canada will look at what things can happen in Canada while he is there. A Portuguese businessman who is travelling to India will be looking out for business opportunities in India. People who are travelling across different countries will have to take care of their personal needs and considerations. All these things can affect your travelling experience.

It is important to understand that there are various types of travel. Some people travel to one place on one occasion and do not look at travelling again to another place. On the other hand, business people and researchers or tourists may need to visit many different places throughout their lifetime.