VACation – Your Cheap, Quick Vacation

A vacation, is a period of absence from a scheduled work, or even a specific outing or trip, generally for the purpose of relaxation or recreation. Most often people take a vacation at certain vacation or special holiday occasions, or even for special occasions or celebrations. Many vacations are also spent by friends or relatives. For some people, the term vacation means a short break from work, while for others, a long vacation may mean an extended holiday.


We can define a vacation as any vacation that does not include ‘working hours’. Such vacations may take place between the end of one week and the beginning of another. There are public holidays in the US, which are not private holidays, but still allow workers to take their holidays off. These days, most of us have all three seasons in one go, so there is never a shortage of holidays to choose from.

Some states celebrate a national holiday every May, while others celebrate a different holiday every July. Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean Islands are famous for their ‘lei’ or national holiday. A four-day vacation, if you can manage it, will give you a chance to see a lot of country, if you choose to spend your vacation in one place. If you go on a two-week vacation, you will see less of the country than if you stayed for a fortnight or more.

Some states, like Montana, allow workers to take off one week of each year for family holidays. You must usually pay for this holiday. However, some employers cover the costs of vacations paid time off. If you use your vacation days for paid time off, you are not entitled to receive wages while you are away. Thus, you are enjoying a vacation right along with your family, but you need to be home to collect your pay.

There are also many states that offer ‘working holiday’ and ‘temporary vacation’ permits. A typical working holiday allows an employee to take off one week per calendar year, for example, for Christmas vacation. A temporary vacation permit lets you vacation in the United States for a specified period of time – usually a week or two. You can also get both a working and a holiday permit. This gives you flexibility to visit your home state, but enjoy the great American vacation.

A working holiday gives you flexibility to decide when to come back to your home state. If you don’t have time to make it home for your paid time off, then you can always extend your vacation. You will enjoy a greater vacation right after tax season when you have the added benefit of being able to deduct your regular income tax payments! VACATION is a great way to enjoy the American spirit!