Why People Travel

Travel is the movement of individuals between different geographic locations. It can be across the globe or within it, with or without personal belongings, and is one way or another. In the past, travel was a one-way street, as people had to leave their home to travel long distances. However, in today’s world, more people are beginning to go to different parts of the world in order to experience different cultures, attend unique educational opportunities, meet new people, or just for fun. There is no doubt that travel has become an integral part of our lives. In fact, more people are starting to plan trips so that they can experience different travel destinations.


One of the most common ways in which people travel these days is through air travel. Air travelling is one of the cheapest ways to travel; however, it also presents the risk of encountering various flight delays and other misfortunes associated with air transport. For this reason, more people are now beginning to consider travelling by rail or sea. The best part about travelling by sea is that it presents the least number of risks and the best chance of encountering favourable conditions. When a person travels by sea, on the contrary, there is a great possibility that he or she might encounter various sea sicknesses.

Another common form of travel is via land. Land travels allow the traveler to see new cultures, spend time with family and friends, and even sample the local food and way of life. Although travelling via land may not provide the same experience as that of sea travelling, it does present some definite advantages. For starters, it allows the traveler to visit various places and discover the kind of culture that he or she is comfortable with. Furthermore, land-based travel allows the traveler to save money, because there are various ways in which one can travel within an area.

Short term travel, on the other hand, may sound like a good idea, especially if you intend to travel to a popular tourist destination. However, travelling to such a place for just a few days can prove to be quite an expensive proposition. The main reason behind this is that airfares often cost more per thousand miles flown, while hotel accommodations cost much more per night. Since hotel accommodation is usually cheaper during off-peak seasons, people often opt for air travel during these seasons, especially if they do not have to fly. However, the high costs associated with air travel do not justify the decision to go on a short vacation. In order to save money, people travel by bus or train most often.

Another group of people who frequently travel are the youth. Youngsters usually take up trips to popular tourist destinations such as New York City during summer break, or to other major cities across the world during breaks from school or college. They can find out the best ways to save money when travelling during their short vacation trips. These trips allow them to spend more time with their friends and family, and also enable them to visit popular sightseeing and travel destinations. However, most people travel on these short vacations because they do not have the resources to take them to expensive destinations.

The last group of travelers, mostly comprised of students, are the ones who are most vulnerable to the ‘travel bug’. They are the ones who are so hooked to the internet and mobile phones that they cannot imagine life without them. They cannot fathom going on a long trip by plane, or a three-day cruise even if it costs so much. To make up for the shortfall in their budget, they keep travelling to the same places on the same weekend, week after week. Traveling by bus or train is their only choice, and when the time comes that they have to pay for the privilege, they feel disappointed and upset.